switch between automatic and manual steering Lowloader

  • Hello,

    I have a truck and lowloader that has completely servonaut products. Sender HS12, Truck has M20+ SMX and air4. Lowloader has 2 Amo's (1 in the goosneck and 1 in the rear)

    in the gooseneck of the lowloader i have a potentiometer connected on the kingping for the steering axles.
    Is it possible with the HS12 sender and a receiver and Ycable to switch and bypass the potentiometer so i can steer manual from the HS12 for maneuvering and switch back again to use the potentiometer for normal driving and steering?
    I have seen this on a truck model that was controlled by brixl.

    It would be nice if this option is also possible within the next software update of the hs12.

    Best regards,

  • Hello Marco,

    the function you wish to have is already possible.
    BUT: You don't have to use the pot!

    You'll need an rf receiver in the lowloader, e. g. an E4.
    The rest is control programming.

  • Hello Heiko,

    Thanks for your response, that's good news!

    You say that i don't have to use the pot but is it still possible with the pot?

    could you explane how i should do the HS12 programming?

    Thank you.


  • You cannot connect two outputs on one servo input with a Y-cable!
    Only the other way works: One output on two servos.

    With HS12 it's (basically) just three assignments of two controls, two of them working on the same channel.
    First control would be the normal steering control (normally right stick, left/right) assigned to steering servo in the truck AND the lowloader.
    Second control (e.g. also right stick, left/right but on level 2a or 2b) assigned to lowloader servo to 'overrule' the normal steering function.

  • Hello Heiko,

    i was thinking, i would like to keep the kinpin steering from the potmeter and also have the option to take over steering (overruleing the potmeter) manually while maneuvering.
    I think this is possible by putting a E4 receiver as slave (on a different level in the HS12) in the gooseneck and a MPS10.

    with the relay of the MPS10 i can choose between normally open and normally close (the default setting) for the potmeter and by activate the relay the normally open will be closed and the normally closed will be open and so i can turn off the potmeter and turn on manual steering. The relay should switch the + red or s white cable from the servo cables

    am i thinking correct?

  • This may work.
    You have to switch the signal line of the steering servo between pot controller and receiver.

    But you have to expect abrupt movements of the servo while switching!
    This is a 'hard' switching which means there will occasionally be corrupted signal pulses.

    Also, you need the relatively large MPS10...

  • Hi Heiko,

    thanks for your response, i have ordered an MPS10 and will try-it with switching the signal line.
    I will update the topic when i have some results , good or bad :-)


  • Hi Heiko,

    It Works!
    I have only one problem with binding a second receiver as slave.

    I can't bind it on another level.
    I have an R9 in the truck and an E6 in the trailer.
    Now the channels of the recievers work together instead of working separate.

    How should i bind it on the HS12 the R9 is bind on level 1 the E6 is bind on level 2a but still channel 1 to 6 are responding together? I have now solved it by making channel 5 free on the R9 so i can use it on the E6. This is the only way to do it i think.
    Regards Marco

  • Hello Marco,

    in conjunction with the HS12 the receivers don't distinguish between the levels! (In fact, the HS12 always transmits level 1 to the receivers.)
    This is a difference to the legacy Zwo4 upgrade system for Robbe or Graupner radios.
    There are 12 channels at most. No doubling possible.
    So you have to plan which channels are used by which receiver.
    But you already found a solution...

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