The TM72 is a robust industry motor. Its winding is especially designed for the truck model building with the specifications we optimised. The motor has no prefered direction of rotation. It can be run with left-handed or right-handed direction of rotation.

The anchor is longer than with the usual 540 truck motors and has five poles. This results in the positive effect of more torque and an improved running smoothness and better start-up behaviour. Very unique is also the effective varistor-interference directly at the winding.

The TM72 is constructed for 7,2, but can also be run by 12V. In this case the risk of overloading is higher plus a higher gear reduction is necessary. We are delivering the TM72 in two versions as underfloor drive with gear (see planetary gear motors). The GM32U370 is constructed for 7,2V, the GM32U450 with a higher gear reduction is constructed for 12V.

Our TM120 is structurally identical with the TM72. The winding is for 12V nominal voltage. This motor is used with gear drive GM32U360 and has approximately only 5000 rpm at 12V. Please note: The TM120 needs to be interference suppressed externally and has an output shaft of only 5mm.

Because of the length of the motors Tamiya models with european driver cabs and the original three gear drive have no more space for a shifting servo in normal size. Please switch to smaller servos

TM120 Truck Motor 12 V 5000 rpm
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