2.4 GHz Receiver

For our Zwo4 system, we offer a full range of receivers, from a small 4-channel version to a 12-channel receiver.

Even the small receivers E4 and E6 already support model shutdown and telemetry. In a remotely shutdown model, the receivers no longer emit signals to the servos and electronics.

The larger R9 and R12 can be retrofitted with the electronic ON / OFF switch AN40. This is only necessary if electronic components are used that malfunction if there is no input signal.

Both E4 and E6 as well as R9 and R12 are suitable for partner mode, so they can be used as main or secondary receiver.

While comparing prices, please note: Our receivers already have telemetry for the receiver voltage and vehicle voltage built in, an additional module is not required.

The next generation of receivers from Servonaut:  The Servonaut RX9

  • can be bound with two HS12 / HS16 transmitters, easy model transfer possible
  • enables the setup of all Servonaut modules via radio with display card function on the HS16 
  • is expandable to 12 or 16 channels
  • and of course it's still compatible
Kanal-Erweiterung Zwo4R+3
Zwo4R+3 channel extender - Made in Germany by tematik
21,45 EUR
incl. 16% tax
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