Lighting systems

The light systems in this category are universal and are switching the drive battery voltage. Lightbulbs as well as LEDs with series resistor or lighting boards can be connected.

For ML4 or MM4 only one free joystick channel or a channel with a button/switch with three positions is needed. The LA10 needs up to three channels. Alternatively, all modules can be controlled via Multiswitch/Multiprop/Multibus channel.

ML4 mini light system

The mini light system ML4 provides four switch outputs for indicator, breakdown indicator, parking light and headlamps. The module is a perfect supplement to an ESC such as the S20, S22, T20, T24, E20, E22, or M211/M220/M224 which already have outputs for break lights and reversing light. The ML4 can be combined with every other speed controller.

MM4 mini Multiswitch

The mini Multiswitch MM4 is a universal channel expansion for function models. A possible application is e.g. the supplement of the M20+/M24 with high beam, flasher, fog lights, and roof lamps.

LA10 adjustable light system

The professional light system LA10 combines ML4 and MM4 in one module and even goes beyond their range of functions. The LA10 provides extra outputs for cornering lights and fog lamps. The combination of american brake light and turnig indicator is possible too. Functionality and brightness can be adjusted via CARD interface. A connection for wireless data communication to a trailer via IR transmitter is available.
AIR-DIODE/NEU for LA10, spare part for AIR4 (NEW) and AIRU (NEW) - Made in Germany by tematik
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5,35 EUR
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UAL cornering & fog light set. Made in Germany by tematik.
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29,40 EUR
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LA6 Light Set with 6 Outputs - Made in Germany by tematik
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89,25 EUR
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IR-SET accessory set for LA6
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7,30 EUR
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