Trailer Light Sets

AMO light system for trailers and semi-trailers

The light system Servonaut AMO is responsible for the light and special functions in a semi-trailer or trailer. The coupling from tractor truck to trailer takes place wirelessly via infrared light. The trailer is usually powered by an own battery. This way, a semi-trailer can be remotely picked up and set down without needing a connector to be plugged or cables to be soldered.

As an extra, the AMO provides up to four usable servo outputs, e.g. for the operation of trailer support legs, a steering or a hydraulic function either via servo motor or speed controller. Even controlling of other Servonaut assemblies, such aus MM4 or BE8, is possible in a trailer.

AIR4 IR transmitter

The transmitter AIR4 transmits 5 switching functions (6 with K40) and two extra proportional channels. This way, three (four with the K40) servo outputs can be used with the AMO. This transmitter can be used only with Servonaut systems K30T, K40, K60T, M20+ and M24.

AIRU IR transmitter

In contrast to the AIR4, the AIRU can be universally applied (amongst others for MFC-01, MFC-02, super light set, MF, MVT-2000) to other lighting systems. It is needed in conjunction with Servonaut systems S10/S20/S22, E20/E22, ML4/MM4 and transmits 6 light functions, one servo on/off function, and two proportional functions. For instance, it is possible to use it for signal transmission between turret and hull of a tank.

LA10 lighting system

Tha LA10 houses a dedicated IR connector. You simply need an AIRDIODE Neu to use IR transmission. Furthermore, you should connect the light functions 'brake light' and 'reversing light' of the speed controller to the corresponding inputs of the LA10.
AIR4 infrared transmitter module for M and K-type speed controllers - Made in Germany by tematik.
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