Servonaut MultiBus

All articles in this category contain an extended multiswitch compatibility which we named MultiBus.

The Multiswitch, Mulitprop and Nautic channel extensions have been used in function models for a long time. Many simple switching functions are needed in function models. But it is not always advisable to occupy an entire servo channel for rarely used functions. 8 channels or, more precisely speaking, controls are combined in a multi channel and are successively transferred on a standard servo channel which usually is channel 7 or 8. There is only one disadvantage: The transmission is slightly delayed. Until now, an encoder had to be retrofitted in the radio and an extra decoder was needed in the model. However, there are light sets which already have an integrated decoder. In these systems a control can usually activate two functions. This is why sometimes one speaks of 16 channels instead of 8, which can be very irritating. As a matter of fact, a multi channel can operate either 8 servo channels or 16 switching functions or a combination of both. 

With the Servonaut MultiBus our equipment is compatible with Multiswitch devices for the first time! There is no other module needed. Our HS12/16 radio already contains the Multiswitch/prop encoder. But popular radios made by Robbe and Graupner with Multiswitch and Nautic extension (e.g. F14, FC16, MC19) can still be used. Currently, the soundmodul SM7, the speed controller M24 and the new light systems LA10, MD12, ML4 and MM4 (from Version 2.0 on) provide MultiBus. They can be connected via Y-cable to a multi channel of a radio and recognize the multi channel automatically.

What's extraordinary about the MultiBus, is the fact that the modules are able to choose certain signals from the multi channel on their own. The occupancy is specified in a way that it matches the old Graupner and Robbe systems. Our HS12/16 radio is flexible, which means that the allocation of the function keys is freely selectable.

Problems with installations with a frequency of 2.4GHz mainly used in airplane modelling belong to the past. With our Servonaut Zwo4, there will be no more trouble with the reception nor technical malfunction concerning Multiswitch or Nautic modules. The radio system Servonaut Zwo4 transfers multi channels seperately. This way, random output switching can be avoided.
SMM electronic engine sound generator for ship models - Made in Germany by tematik
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