Speed Controller

It all began with speed controllers especially designed for truck models. Today, we are looking back at more than 15 years of experience, and we are offering the 4th generation of circuit technology, very high resolution, and highly advanced road performance.

Our controllers use no freewheeling and can switch seamlessly at each speed from motor mode to EMF-brake mode. No shifting of the control stick is needed. Due to sophisticated design the controllers are semi-load proof under all circumstances.

Practically, this means: no 'break away' of the model when going downhill. No big swing out of the control stick when changing from drive to brake. Always calm and steady driving behaviour. For instance, an actuator for a slewing gear can only be accurately positioned under this premise.

In case the controllers have light outputs, these outputs can be universally used and are protected against over current and short circuit. The battery voltage is always directly used for powering the lights. You may connect light bulbs, LEDs with series resistors, or lighting boards to the controller - exception: S10. See manual.

With 'cruise control'

A special feature made by Servonaut: ESCs with cruise control always accelerate with the stick pushed forward and always brake with stick pulled back. In the middle position the model maintains the speed. This way, an unrivaled and sensitive drive and realistic maneuvering is made possible. Half of our clients enjoy driving with cruise control. The perfect controllers for driving a truck course!

Without 'cruise control'

These controllers work as usual directly forwards / backwards and are as such better suitable for construction machines, track vehicles, and driving in heavy terrain as well as truck trial/rock crawling. With the exception of the trial controller, the behaviour of a heavy vehicle is always electronically simulated.

For actuators

These controllers are especially suitable for actuators and auxiliary drives, such as tipping gear or pumps, and for servo motors (MFX ans MQX). In order to save the motor and gear, the acceleration is limited electronically.

For small models

Driving behaviour for the big in small controllers: Now available for 1/24 or passenger car models.

Overview combination speed controller / sound / light systems (PDF)