Speed Controller with Cruise Control

We invented it: With speed controllers with 'cruise control' not the speed, but the acceleration is regulated by the joystick. The model holds its speed in middle position of the stick.

When moving the joystick forwards, the speed increases. The acceleration depends on the deflection. Respectively, the model brakes when the joystick is moved backwards. But remember to use the brake very gently.

The 'cruise control' function simulates an extremely heavy truck, ensures a steady drive, and allows an exact maneuvering at a snail's pace.

In order to drive backwards with these controllers, a simulated reverse gear is inserted - just like with the big ones. The reversing light is turned on as soon as the reverse gear is engaged, this means, even before driving backwards. Also the brake lights are only on, when the brake is actually being activated. This applies to driving as well as to standstill.

E22 speed controller with cruise control

The E22 is especially suitable for retrofits and can be combined with light systems and sound modules of other providers. Attention: The universal output of the E22 for sound modules does not support shifting sounds and reversing beepers. This applies to Servonaut sound modules too.

M24 speed controller with light system

The new M24 is a development of the M20+. The integrated light system provides 6 outputs for brake lights, driving lights, parking lights, rear lights, and both indicators. Especially the internal BEC, the functions of the light system, and the setup process in combination with 2.4 GHz systems of other providers was improved. Apart from the 'traditional' operation with a joystick like with the M20+, the light system can optionally be operated via multichannel (Servonaut Multibus or Robbe / Graupner Multiswitch) by switches. All in all, there are 17 different adjustment options, available via CARD-interface (among others): the xenon-effect, hazard lights when driving backwards, light bulbs effect, and inertia simulation .

A highlight is the new Display-CARD function: When the M24 is connected to the Servonaut HS12 by cable, all operations can be easily carried out via the HS12 menu system. (Available from software version 1.5 of the HS12.)

E22 cruise control ESC for truck models 1:16 or 1:8 scale - Made in Germany by tematik
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G24 Speed Controller and Gear Shift Simulator for truck models 1:16 or 1:8 scale - Made in Germany by tematik
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